Space 15 Twenty


What's Happening: Drip Bar at Space 15 Twenty

We are super stoked to announce that the Drip Bar will be an addition to your Space 15 Twenty experience starting today!

Be sure to stop by and join us in welcoming them!


Monday - Saturday
10 am - 5pm

In the Breezeway of Space 15 Twenty (along Ivar St. and Selma)
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

* * *

Drip Bar is a portable cafe based on the principles of quality, accessibility and sustainability. Drip Bar strives to provide a casual alternative to the destination cafe isolated in the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. Drip Bar serves Blue Bottle Coffee made one cup at a time.

"We are Kelly Donahey, Sara Haynes and Jessica Carr.

Once upon a time we worked together in Venice Beach selling Blue Bottle Coffee and we realized a few things.

Drip coffee is amazing, and there are lots of people who love Blue Bottle as much as we do.

You shouldn’t have to scour the city for great beans, it should be easy, like the fruit carts that are so ubiquitous to L.A. or the Farmers’ Market on your block. Easy and good in every way, right down to the compostable cups, lids, straws, stir-sticks…

We may not be in your neighborhood everyday, but when we are we’ll make you a cup. And when we’re not, we’ll make sure you know how to make easy, good coffee at home.

And don’t forget the Art of Tea, they’re local, with more Organic and Fair Trade teas than any other company!"

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