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Dublab x Radio Afrique

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"Trust in The You of Now" by Lani Trock

"Trust in the You of Now"
Installation and Photographs by Lani Trock

Opening Reception
Friday April 17th

6PM - 9PM

Complimentary Cocktails Provided

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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Wild Vase Launch Party

Join us for the launch of our new activation space by Alice Goldsmith of Wild Vase.
Fresh floral arrangements, Catering by Brewing Happiness and complimentary cocktails.

Thursday March 26th


(inside of UO store)
1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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Weekend Recap: Sight Unseen Opening

We celebrated the opening of our newest, and most imaginative, pop-up shop "Think Big!" by Sight Unseen.  Space15Twenty also had the honor to be Sight Unseen's very first ever Los Angeles Pop-Up shop.  Artist Adi Goodrich came up with the shop design and illustrations that tell a story of thinking big.  The vibrant colors and large cut-outs of products featured in the shop are definitely an eye catcher for anyone walking by.

Sight Unseen curated the selected features of exclusive jewelry and housewares by emerging designers.  Designers include A Question of Eagles, Aelfie, Alynne Lavigne, Bario Neal & Jessica Hans, Bower, Branden Collins, Chris Golden, Cursive Design, Dana Haim, Eric Trine, Erin Considine, Faux/Real, Good Thing, Hey Murphy, Jaqueline Klasson, Juju Made, Kate Trouw, Katie Stout, Line Line Co., Mansi Shah, Metalepsis, Morgan Peck, Otaat, Sally Rizzoli, Scout & Catalogue, Shapeshapeshape, Tiro Tiro, Visibility Studio, Workaday and Frances Lab.

For the opening guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails provided by Dobel Tequila and tunes selected by Sight Unseen.

Sight Unseen's "Think Big!" pop-up shop
March 5th to April 5th

12PM - 8PM

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028

Photos by Anne Yano


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Think Big! Sight Unseen Pop-Up Opening

Join us this Thursday for the opening of our new Pop-Up "THINK BIG!" by Sight Unseen.

Installation design by Adi Goodrich plus new jewelry and housewares by emerging designers.

Cocktails provided by Dobel Tequila.

Thursday March 5th

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028

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Weekend Recap: Herbal Honey Workshop with Botanicals Folklorica

To kick off the launch of Busy-Being Presents "Poison Valley" art Exhibition by LAND, Tamara of Botanicals Folklorica hosted a honey infusion workshop.

The workshop was filled with a vast amount of information about the healing powers of honey and herbs. One attendee told us "You cannot find the information that Tamara has given us on the internet. The knowledge she gave us about infused honey was amazing".

Tamara then showed everyone how to create their own infused honey. All of the herbs she brought with her were found in her friends backyard. Lavender, tangerines, garlic and thyme.

If you would like to learn how to make your very own infused honey check out the blog post on UO here

Photos by Maddie Sensibile

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Weekend Recap: Busy-Being presents: "Poison Valley", an art exhibition by LAND

Texas took over our pop-up during the weekend and stuck to their Texan motto "Go big or go home."  Austin, TX based shop Busy-Being curated "Poison Valley", an art exhibition featuring artist duo Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt of LAND along side with Texas makers Cobra Rock Boot Company, Fort Lonesome, Botanicals Folklorica, Ana Klausmann, Traveller Denim Co., Mason McFee, Fortuna Monsoon, Marfa Brands, Miranda Bennett Studio, Folk Fibers and PFAU.
This was LAND's first ever Los Angeles show.

Amber Abramson, owner of Busy-Being, LAND and some of the Texas makers made it out for the opening and they did not disappoint fans and newcomers.  Fort Lonesome did custom LAND-art embroidery for party-goers, South Austin Brewery provided the drinks and Escuela Taqueria provided tacos for guests.

Poison Valley will be open from Jan 31st - Feb 21st

Mon-Tues Closed
Wed-Sat 12PM -8PM
Sun 11AM - 4PM

Check below to see photos of the shop and opening party.


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Busy-Being presents: "Poison Valley", an art exhibition by LAND

Busy-Being is excited to present a solo exhibition by the LAND boys; artist duo Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt for their first ever Los Angeles show. Alongside the exhibition will be a Texas Makers Market featuring goods by: Cobra Rock Boot Company / Fort Lonesome / Botanicals Folklorica / Ana Klausmann / Traveller Denim Co. / Mason McFee / Fortuna Monsoon / Marfa Brands / Miranda Bennett Studio / Folk Fibers / and PFAU

For more event details click here

Saturday January 31st

7PM - 10PM

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90028

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Busy-Being Vendors

Texas is coming to California!
Busy-Being has curated the upcoming pop-up shop featuring various designers bringing the lone state style to Space15Twenty.
Get to know more about the designers and what they're all about.


Busy-Being was launched in 2004 and is owned and operated by Amber Abramson, a Los Angeles native living in Austin, TX where the Busy-Being brick and mortar shop now resides. Amber has been a working curator since 2002 in addition to being the former director of LA's fourxfour Gallery and the ongoing associate director of the famed New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles. She has curated exhibitions internationally and has been working closely with artists of all mediums in platforms ranging from art galleries, public murals, corporate campaigns and events, museum work, community workshops, non-profit sector, political arena, book and catalog production, as well as retail pursuits.


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Heather Grey Wall Last Chance Sale!

*While supplies last.  30% off regular price Heather Grey Wall items only.

. . .

Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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