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We recently stumbled upon a water-color artist on Instagram and now stalk her account daily! Her name is Jessica Weymouth (@jessweymouth_) and she lives in Long Beach, California. Her illustrations vary from plants, insects, shapes to moons. “Hand painted watercolor art pieces to promote healing, growth, love, and good vibes.” We dare you to check her stuff out and try not to fall in love. @jessweymouth_ @space15twenty #UOaroundyou



Images - Jessica Weymouth

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One of Instagram’s most popular tagged locations, "Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away" by  Yayoi Kusama is coming to LA!

Kusama is a Japanese born artist and writer. She is undeniably an influential figure in the New York art scene, and an important part of the avant-garde movement. Kusama works with a variety of media which showcase her love for colors, patterns and wild repetition. She is also known for her project in Australia, “The Obliteration Room”.  It was a huge white room at GOMA with white furniture, which people were invited to "obliterate" with rainbow-colored dot stickers.

We cannot wait for The Broad Museum’s inaugural exhibition on Sunday, September 20th. Make reservations online to see the “Infinity Mirrored Room” and share with us your photos! @space15twenty #UOonyou





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John Foster is a design object artist based in Minneapolis, MN. He works with various materials such as quartz, acrylics, glass, gold, and glitter. He’s a wizard at creating substrates which are cut into multidimensional tiles that are then polished, and welded together to create dreamy objects. Our favorite is his hand-crafted interstellar-sparkle table (recently commissioned by producer and DJ; ZEDD). John describes his art as experimental. “The objects I make bring the viewer into the moment, with visceral gasps and heart skipping opulence. The colors are rich, the sunlit moments are priceless.” he say's. John draws inspiration for his art from his love of music, and constantly seeking patterns. “Sounds are some of the most beautiful shapes you can't see, but feel.” he say’s. Currently, John is working on accessory design in addition to his objects. A preview is live on his site. Below are some of our faves.



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Les Fleures du Japon

The body of work of French painter and interdisciplinary artist Johanna Tagada is intertwined with the notion of happiness and feelings of wellness. 
Tagada attempts for the viewers of her work to feel less anxious and more serene. In her paintings and through her entire practice, with the use of soft colours and shapes she hopes to relax her audience. The artist derives most of her inspiration from daily life and experiences. Her artworks, often semi autobiographical and related to feelings are described as poetic and delicate. To create a dialogue with the viewer is a position Johanna adopts in several of her works. 
Utrecht Now idea, Tokyo, July 2014, Tagada first initiates Épistolaire Imaginaire an installation piece, in which she invites visitors and friends to leave a written note of a simple moment of happiness in one of the pale pink notebooks she hand-made, as part of the installation. The audience is given the task to write (anonymously or not, in any language or form) a short memory of a moment of simple happiness. In exchange of this note, each participant can take home a folded letter written by Tagada herself. The letters are positive, encouraging, simple yet powerful. Though the time frame of the exhibitions the letters part of the installation decrease, just as flower petals taken away by a breeze. 

Épistolaire Imaginaire is thought as a travelling installation questioning simple happiness. 

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GRIDSCAPE : Power Structures

Tonight join artists Ben Medansky & Bradley Duncan in their Pop-Up, GRIDSCAPE, for a  projection of Power Structures by Marco Braunschweiler.

Marco Braunschweiler is a Swiss-American artist, curator and lecturer based in Los Angeles. He was the director of Golden Age, Chicago; has presented programs at the Art Institute of Chicago, and White Flag Projects, St. Louis.

Braunschweiler has also exhibited at the Swiss Institute, New York, the Green Gallery, Milwaukee, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Screening 7-9pm

. . .

GRIDSCAPE | Space15Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

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Ben Medansky Studio Visit

Zack Bass visited the studio of Ben Medansky, one of the artists who is a part of the current pop-up shop GRIDSCAPE, and got a glimpse into his process and the making of his ceramics for the show. . .

Ben Medansky Ceramics

Bradley Duncan & Ben Medansky

Zack Bass - Director/Editor

Eric Hsu - Producer/Camera

Bearson remix of Astronomyy Nothin On my Mind

. . .

Space15Twenty | GRIDSCAPE
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

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What's Happening: Victory Press x Ours Gallery Summer Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

We're super excited to announce our summer pop-up shop and gallery show!

Victory Press
x Ours Gallery  Summer Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

From June 6th - July 27th

Please stay tuned for more details and event listings to come!

. . .

Victory Press

Designer Jessica Humphrey and artist Jonathan Cammisa collaborate to create Victory Press, a collection of men's inner-city outdoors wear. Driven to fill a void in the outdoors market, Victory Press offers clothing with a modern approach that is also built to withstand the elements. Designed in Vinegar Hill, manufactured in New York City; the clothing is an homage to it’s environment.

Drawing inspiration from post modern art, prints and silhouettes of 80s skate and surf culture and the functionality, integrity and ideology of 90s outdoors wear, VP’s debut collection includes color block feather wale corduroy buttons downs, pleated front denim trousers, batik print short sleeve shirts, graphic tees, cotton nylon utility jackets, camper hats and waterproof nylon anoraks.

Instagram: @victorypress

. . .

Ours Gallery

"At OURS- We recognize our audience is broader and more diverse than what current stereotypes and cliches might limit. Through a distinct cross-section of art, music, and thoughtful design, we hope to build something unique with its perspective clearly defined... something that can remain our own.

OURS- Is designed in the United States, and made here when applicable. Currently based in Los Angeles, we're constantly on the road shooting, drawing, surfing, and traveling alongside everyone who can't stand the thought of being stationary for too long. The passion for being active outdoors, accompanied with the ability to feel and look nice, is what drives OURS. - We hope that you enjoy."

"Don't worry, be mellow." - Ty Williams

Instagram: @oursgallery

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What's Happening: Hands Up! Dublab Fundraiser

Hands Up! Dublab Fundraiser

Join us for a fundraising event to benefit Dublab

Saturday, March 1st 2-7 pm

Four paintings will be created with participation from the audience.  Paintings will be left to hang in the gallery for the remainder of the show & prints will be made to raise funds for Dublab.  The pieces will also be auctioned off.

Limited Dublab x Mtendere "Teebs" print release & rare dublab gems for sale.

DJ sets by:

Derelict x Frosty
Jake Jenkins
Jake Viator
Suzanne Kraft
Yuk x Teebs

All happening inside the Ante Vos show at Space 15 Twenty

. . .

Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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Event Recap: Ante Vos by Teebs

A huge thanks to everyone for coming to the opening of Ante Vos Record Sleeve Art Show by Teebs and making the event a huge success!

Ante Vos will be on view until March 10th at Space 15 Twenty

Gallery hours:  Wednesday - Sunday 2 - 6 pm

Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

Photos by Lowell Ong and Sara Todd

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Save the Date: This Repair Shop Gallery Pop-Up Opening Party

Save the date for the pop-up opening celebration for This Repair Shop at Space 15 Twenty!

Art, clothes, music and all nonsense fun!

This Repair Shop Pop-up will have a curated mix of vintage and exclusive indigo dyed vintage and remakes as well items from our cast of very talented friends from the East to West Coast and other shores.

Opening party Friday, February 7th 7-10pm

Music by Dukes of Chutney
Beer from Saint Archer Brewery
Ice Cream Sandwiches from Sweet Rose Creamery

Dancing from you

Its Everything Time

Instagram: @thisrepairshop

Jam out to their first mix ever!

TRS MIX #1 from thisrepairshop on 8tracks Radio.

. . .

This Repair Shop at Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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