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Dazed & Confused tamed up with the Toiletpaper magazine duo to transform Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. I love how surreal, saturated and funny it is.

All clothes/accessories by Yohji Yamamoto
Photography by Toiletpaper
Styling by Robbie Spencer

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An Interview with Johanna Tagada

Tell me a little about what you do…

I am a painter and an interdisciplinary artist. Every day i work with mediums including painting, drawing, writing, photography, textile and publishing . I also run the online shop project Bonjour Supermarket (, for which i design and produce exclusive textile pieces. I recently had a solo show and positive participative piece in Tokyo and some of my artworks are part of a current group show at the Brunei Gallery in London. I also happen to sometime be working as a consultant and art director.

You have an incredible eye for beautiful things. What inspires your aesthetic?

Thank you very much for the compliment!
Mostly my journeys, i love traveling. I am fascinated and fond of learning about traditional objects, textiles and art, i believe these also inspire my  aesthetic. Simple, Quality, Elegant and Fun, i would say those are the four by which I go.

What are five things you cannot live without?

I wouldn't say live without but just five objects i like having with me:
-An old photobooth of my father and myself
-A Mala my fiancé Jatinder gave me when we met
-The book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura
-The parfum Scent One: Hinoki by Monocle and x Comme des Garcons
-A little straw purse given by my grand mother, she herself got it from a trusted friend before she passed away.

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Black, White and Pumpkin Spice

Tis the season of pumpkin everything and Wednesday Addams.  Fall fashion looks from black, white and pumpkin spice.

ASTRA tribal statement necklace by Tzunuum

Model - Maja
Photographer - Anne Yano

Anne - 10.24.2014 File under - Fashion


Malaysian fashion designer Yii presents his first womenswear collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Playful prints and futuristic silhouettes is what draws me to this collection.

Entitled 4 Years of Pito.

The label examines the idea on how kids would be inspired by things around us instead of from an adult's point of view. The phrase "we never grow" has always been tagged along with the label since then.

Photography by Zhong Lin

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Annie Hall All Day

Annie Hall Style All Day


Anne - 10.17.2014 File under - Fashion

GCTC | North African Games

Seattle / West African based brand Gold Coast Trading Company returns with it's first installment of it's North African Games #BootlegMerch" series collection.

Inspired by the history and people of North Africa the collection takes a nostalgic look at the fictional setting for the 1990 Tunisian North African Games, while exploring an alternative view of the times and storytelling around the region.

Photographer : Sarah De Burgh

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The Ancient Magus Bride

Whimsical, mysterious and magical.  A photoshoot inspired by magicians, wizards and mages.  Perfect for the spirit of October.
Jewelry from Assembly of the Wild and Suspended Jewelry.  Clothes by Urban Renewal

[Boho Wood and Amber Geometric Necklace by Suspended Jewelry]

[Mayan Temple Knot with Wood Beads Necklace by Assembly of the wild]

[Hooded Cotton Dress by Urban Renewal]

[Black Mayan Temple Knot with Wood Bead by Assembly of the Wild, Vintage White Moroccan Dress by Urban Renewal]

[Vintage Kimono Cardigan by Urban Renewal]

Photographer - Anne Yano
Make-up & Hair - Aubrey Bazan
Model - Lily Myers

More pictures here - #behind the scene here.
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Urban Renewal
1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angels, CA 90028

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Just my luck that I have the most creative friends, my good friend Michaël Smits recently shot this editorial for KUMOBAKUDAN magazine.
These photos speak for themselves so I don't need to say much, but what a great collaboration between Michaël and Maiko Gubler.

Photographer : Michaël Smits @ THE BOOK agency
Stylist : Jan Konings
MUAH: Eva De Keersmaeker
Model: Nicolas Sheltens @ REBEL model management
3D Objects/Set : Maiko Gubler
Photo Assistant : Rosemarijn Bolraap

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coco - 10.09.2014 File under - Fashion, Photo

Blue Thunder

Blue and White Agate Striped Necklace - here

If you've seen the Devil Wears Prada then you're well aware of the "cerulean" scene.  The different hues of blue is back for the fall of 2014.  A simple necklace or bracelet paired with with a cobalt, cyan, lapis, sapphire or any blue outfit makes you feel runway ready.


Anne - 10.03.2014 File under - Fashion

Dawn Sharp | Spring Summer 2015

After living 5 years up north in Portland doing costume design and being in a band "Light House", Dawn Sharp has made her way back down to LA. 

She just released the lookbook for her Spring/Summer 2015 collection entitled Bebe le Strange which was photographed by Brandon Harman.

coco - 10.02.2014 File under - Fashion


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