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This Sunday, August 25th, we are happy to announce two very special live performances by Low Leaf and Zeroh. Starting off the night will be Mndsgn who will perform a DJ set. Low Leaf is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who plays the harp, piano, guitar, sings, and produces. Zeroh is producer who also an amazing rapper with unique styles and sounds. This is a show you will definitely not want to miss out on! Always free and all ages.

Sunday, August 25th

6-9 pm

1520 N. Caheunga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

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space15twenty presents : F R U G A L E A R T H S C R E E N I N G

Mndsgn is a Los Angeles based producer who recently released an audio/visual mixtape entitled Frugal Earth which we will be screening here at space. The visuals were all mixed together by Mndsgn to go with the eclectic mix he created. There will also be performances by Ahnnu and  EU rapper, Ivan Ave. This will be the one and only public screening of the project so you will not want to miss out! Mndsgn will also be selling very limited copies of the Frugal Earth cassette, so get one while you can as they are all sold out online.

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MUSICVID: "Frugal Earth" by Mndsgn

"Frugal Earth" is a mixtape by Los Angeles based beat producer, Mndsgn. On the mixtape is a compilation of selections and remixes all done by Mndsgn, split between two sides; Side A and B. There was a limited run of 20 cassettes of the mixtape that sold out the same day it was released, but there will a second run of the tapes soon. The video for Frugal Earth side A was created by Mndsgn as well using different clips he found on the internet. He made videos using actual music videos for the songs he remixed on Side B that were individually released. You can download the digital release for free on his bandcamp.

stillsoundin from mndsgn on Vimeo

mya bestofme from mndsgn on Vimeo.

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UO Presents : Adidas x Opening Ceremony

Urban Outfitters is happy to announce the arrival pf Adidas x Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony and Adidas have created a collection that will be available at Urban Outfitters locations and online. In honor or this, we are throwing a party at the Melrose Urban Outfitters location this Saturday, April 13th from 3-6 pm. There will be clothes, refreshments courtesy of Jarritos and Boxed Water, and of course DJ's! Djing will be Amila (Space15twenty) and Sofie (Stones Throw / Boiler Room). So stop by if you're not at coachella, grab some drinks, buy some clothes and vibe out with us.

RSVP here.

Check out the rest of the collection here.

. . .

Urban Outfitters
7650 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, April 13th 2013
3-6 pm

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Space15Twenty & F U T U R E S present Groundislava, Zack Sekoff, Hobbes, & Eaves

We are excited to announce we will be hosting a show along with new collective F U T U R E S on Friday, April 5th. Headlining will be Friends of Friends and WeDidIt artist Groundislava. Also performing will be Zack Sekoff, Hobbes, and Eaves. This will be an evening of future sound so come vibe with us as we take you to outer space. 

This event is Free and All Ages as most of our events are here at Space. 

Friday April 5th, 2013
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

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Atu /// Pictures on Silence

Atu is a 20 year old, Ann Arbor, Michigan based producer who is making waves with his beautifully composed beats, incorporating many R&B vocal samples that add the soothing feel of his music. He recently released a project entitled "Pictures on Silence" on OC based collective and label, Soulection. The entire album is incredibly cohesive and captures a very nostalgic vibe, yet still speaks to his future sound aesthetic. You can download the album on bandcamp, or stream it on the project's site (yes, there is an amazing website for this album) here.  Atu also has some beautiful remixes of Erykah Badu and Musiq Soulchild on his soundcloud that you should also check out. His sounds are very alluring as you'll come to find. 

Album Artwork by The Black Arrow

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KLEUR Saturday Music Series with DJ Harrison / Mndsgn / Sir Froderick / Zeroh

Join us this Saturday late afternoon/early evening for a special performance by DJ Harrison for our Kleur Music Series help in the pop-up shop. Also playing will be Mndsgn, Sir Froderick and Zeroh (who will be our host for the evening).

This event is FREE and ALL AGES so come down and vibe out with us. 
. . .

To schedule an appointment with KLEUR 

CALL: (213) 986 - NAIL (6245)  // EMAIL:

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Ticket Giveaway : Shlohmo / Jeremih / Nite Jewel & more


Los Angeles based producer, Shlohmo, has recently embarked on a tour following the release of his latest album entitled "Laid Out". 

We are giving away one pair of tickets to the LA show at Henry Fonda Theater courtesy of Goldenvoice! Joining Shlohmo will be Jeremih, Nite Jewel and other Wedidit DJ's.

The first person to email with their full name will receive one pair of tickets to the show. 

Saturday, April 6 2013

The Fonda Theater
6126 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

All Ages


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FREE SHOW : Beat Soup with Mndsgn, Sir Froderick & Cohenbeats

Tonight at Poo-Bah Record shop in Pasadena, CA is Beat Soup, a free all and ages show with Mndsgn, Sir Froderick and Cohenbeats. This will be a great show you won't want to miss out on. Mndsgn recently release an ep entitled "Bed", a personal concept piece about sleep and the consciousness, which he will be performing live. He makes beautiful experimental beats that anyone can vibe out to. Sir Froderick is an experimental hip hop producer who makes lovely melodic rhythms and drum patterns that are smooth like butter. He recently released a record entitles "SubtlWhoadi" that is unfortunately sold out, but you can still purchase the digital release on his bandcamp. Also performing is Cohenbeats, an LA based producer all the way from Tel Aviv who creates songs with amazing Israeli samples from what sounds like the 60's-80's and crazy drum patterns. His most recent release is Milk and Honey, a 27 track, full length album.

Poobah Records
2636 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107



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Vibes from Virginia: Ohbliv / Tuamie / DJ Harrison / KVZE / Dink

Virginia has always been home to many greatly talented producers and musicians. Hip-Hop/ R&B Artists such as Missy Elliot, Pharrell and Timbaland blossomed in the RVA. But now here is a closer look at a few artists making waves from Virginia.


Ohbliv is a producer coming out of Richmond, Virginia who makes some beautifully smooth and silky hip-hop beats. Much of his music sounds as if it is attributed with the warmth of a tape deck hiss, especially with his soulful samples. Ohbliv has taken the art form of hip hop and turned it into something completely his own. He takes samples from Jazz, funk, soul, R&B and any other record with a lovely sound and adds beautifully rhythmic drum samples and makes song that make you think you're floating in outer space. He released a split tape in late January with Dil Withers on imprint Dirty Tapes, which sold out very fast. You can still purchase the digital version of tape here. His most recent self release, blk lite.EP is a great experimental piece that really came from the soul, just like the rest of his releases. Check out the rest of his music and fall in love.


Tuamie is another Virginia based producer who can basically flip anything and turn it into something even better. He creates addicting loops that will knock your speakers to their fullest potential. He has a sound that is completely his own, not trying to bite off what anyone else is doing but rather building off of what is already there. After listening to a few of his bandcamp releases you will find yourself staring off into the space in front of you, inadvertently bobbing your head to his mesmerizing beats. His music is very sample heavy and adds to it's old school hip hop aesthetic, but is creating styles that are heard nowhere else. Aside from his dope beats, Tuamie has some of the best album art out right now. Give his music a listen here.

DJ Harrison

DJ Harrison is an incredibly talented Jazz musician hailing from the RVA (Richmond,Virginia). His sounds are incomparable to anything being released currently. He has such an old soul that is coming out through the music he creates. DJ Harrison doesn't use samples and he self records everything. From the keys, to the drums everything is beautifully executed and recorded. His music is so underrated that it's almost ridiculous. Every chord progression is like butter to your ears. Harrison's songs resonate throughout your body and make you feel as if everything is alright. If you live in San Francisco, you are in luck as he will be playing a show on March 28 at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. His most recent release, entitled The Jellowstone House's Finest is strictly outtakes from his upcoming album "Monotones". He is also apart of a group called Butcher Brown, that makes music resonant of that released in the 70's. Everyone in the group is very harmonious, creating a sound that is unparalleled to other modern day bands. They have a free album out called A-sides, that is definitely worth downloading here.


KVZE is another Virginia based producer that can flip a sample and turn it into a beautifully put together song. His beats are very simple and easy going. He's got an old school vibe to his music but they all come from the soul. You can see where his influences come from, but that doesn't shape his sound. You'll feel blissed out after listening to a few of his beats. His most recent release Knascent is a lovely piece of experimental hip hop that is very easy on the ears. Give his music a listen here, you will not be disappointed.


RVA is home to yet another talented hip-hop/jazz instrumentalist called Dink. He plays all his own instruments and records his own songs and the outcome is always amazing to hear. He is also very much underrated and makes some of the most beautiful music you'll hear. Everything he creates is so well executed and sounds so good you'll think it was performed by an entire band. He and Tuamie were also on a split tape recently released by Dirty Tapes, but unfortunately those are all sold out as well. You can listen to the digital version of the tape here.

Ohbliv, Tuamie and KVZE are all playing with LA based producer Knxwledge on March 22 at 285 Kent in Brooklyn, NY so if you are able to make it out, you won't want to miss that.

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