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Enrico Nagel

I recently came across the work of Enrico Nagel, a german artist and illustrator from Berlin. I hope you like them as much as I do! 

And make sure to check out his website for some more of his work.

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Art Shows to see in LA this weekend!

You and your friends are probably wondering what to do this weekend.
Well it's your lucky weekend because there is so much stuff to do and see!

L.A Art Show 2015

Join the biggest art show in Los Angeles as it celebrates its 20th Anniversary at the LA Convention Center.  You will be able to look back on the LA art scene over a 20 year span! Also this art show is not only features the great city of LA, they're also featuring art works from China, Korea and Japan.

the art and artists that have been featured at the La Art Show have been exceptional over the years. I feel that the breadth and quality of the art has sometimes gone under the radar because of the grand scale of our event.” said LA Art show Producer Kim Martingale.

Show Dates:
Jan 15-18
   11am - 7pm (Sunday close at 5pm)

1 Day General Admission: $20

Los Angeles Convention Center South Hall J and K, 1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, Ca 90015


As a fashion photographer, I cannot miss the big photography exhibit Event Photo L.A. 2015.

This international photography exhibition is returning for its 24th year!  The 2015 edition of the event will feature a unique diversity of photographic art and even historical photography from 19th Century to contemporary photography.

I’m going, my friends are going and now you can go there too!

General Show Dates

Jan 16 -17
   11am - 7pm
Jan 18
   11am - 6pm

The Reef / L.A. Mart 1933 Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90007

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Tumblr Find: Mille Dorge

Tumblr introduces us to some very talented people.  There are days where we can be on tumblr for hours getting inspired by creative individuals from around the world.

This bring us to Mille Dørge, an artist based in Denmark.

Her colorful cacti paintings and wonderful watercolor prints really stood out to us.

We hope to see more from Mille!

To see more of her work check out her tumblr or find her on instagram @milledorge

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Just a Shot Away: The Rolling Stones in Photographs

[Photo by David Bailey]

You probably spent way too much money on the holiday season and have no budget left for weekends hangouts.  No worries because Taschen books now has a gallery that is free and open to the public.  If you are a nostalgic photography maniac (like me!) and a post-Rolling Stones groupie (like my mom,) you will love the exhibition at Taschen Gallery.

“It’s Just a Show Away: The Rolling Stones in Photographs” features many big artists including Jean-Marie Perier, Bent Rej, Gered Mankowitz, public favorite Terry Richardson and photography legend David Bailey.

It’s completely free UNLESS you want to get their “sumo-sized” copy which is you can buy for $5,000 or $10,000 for the special edition prints.

[David Bailey at the gallery]

[photo by David Bailey]

“It’s Just a Shot Away: The Rolling Stones in Photographs” will run until January 31st

Taschen Gallery

8070 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Enjoy your swinging weekend!

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Shortest Horror Movie Ever

Nothing gets scarier than this.....

Directed by Carlani e Dogana
Director of Photography by Benjamin Maier
Music by Daniele Cocomazzi
Produced by Roberto Minotti
Starring Vhelade Bale Mura


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Ai Wei Wei teamed up with Dover Street Market - Rei Kawakubo's concept store - and V Magazine for the artsy fashion editorial. The models are wearing brands like Hood By Air, Shaun Samson, KTZ, Phoebe English, Jaquemus and many more. 

The artist referenced his 2006 Colored Vases sculptures, treating his own studio personnel and friends as models. 

Writing for V from Beijing, Ai explained: "Pouring a color on an outfit... creates a midpoint between two conflicting ideas. Gravity and the shape of the clothes combine to create a unique moment. Using these cultural products as ready-made [objects] celebrates and reinterprets the intention of creativity. I think this act shows my respect toward their creativity."

The whole collaboration is viewable at the DSM in New York. Make sure to check it out if you can!

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An Interview with Johanna Tagada

Tell me a little about what you do…

I am a painter and an interdisciplinary artist. Every day i work with mediums including painting, drawing, writing, photography, textile and publishing . I also run the online shop project Bonjour Supermarket (, for which i design and produce exclusive textile pieces. I recently had a solo show and positive participative piece in Tokyo and some of my artworks are part of a current group show at the Brunei Gallery in London. I also happen to sometime be working as a consultant and art director.

You have an incredible eye for beautiful things. What inspires your aesthetic?

Thank you very much for the compliment!
Mostly my journeys, i love traveling. I am fascinated and fond of learning about traditional objects, textiles and art, i believe these also inspire my  aesthetic. Simple, Quality, Elegant and Fun, i would say those are the four by which I go.

What are five things you cannot live without?

I wouldn't say live without but just five objects i like having with me:
-An old photobooth of my father and myself
-A Mala my fiancé Jatinder gave me when we met
-The book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura
-The parfum Scent One: Hinoki by Monocle and x Comme des Garcons
-A little straw purse given by my grand mother, she herself got it from a trusted friend before she passed away.

See more after the jump!


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Jay Riggio

Brooklyn based artist Jay Riggio has been creating collages for over 15 years. 
Jay draws inspiration from the desire to tell a story.  With a background in writing and cinematography, Jay uses images from vintage magazines and books to project the visual story he wants to tell on paper. 
All of his images are hand cut and glued to create unique pieces of art.

To see more of Jay Riggio's work check out his sites below.



Instagram @jayriggioart

"Another two bucks.  Hand cut collage on a real $2 bill"

"The Saddest, Most Beautiful Goddamned Thing"

"Sometime during the night, you remembered the strangest feeling"

"The measure of your success"

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Bei Kuo | Spring/Summer 2015

Bei Kuo is a Taiwanese artist and designer who recently graduated from Parsons New School For Design.

In 2011 she created her own design and art platform entitled
She uses this platform as a place for her to develop her own personal work with a multitude of mediums including performance at, installation, film/video, illustration and fashion design.
Here's her new collection for Spring/Summer 2015

Photography: Christine Hahn

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Geneticboi in Honduras

To celebrate the first day of fall, we’re going to remember the good ol’ days of summertime.  New York based graphic designer, fashion photographer/videographer and artist Quan recently went on a trip to Roatán, Honduras and the images are just stunning. 

Sky blue waters and playful dolphins.  Sun kissed skin and bonfire nights.  Quan enchants us with his experience in Honduras.

To see more photos check out his blog post.
La Isla Bonita

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Jan 31 2015 11:00AM-01:30PM
Busy-Being presents: Herbal Honey Workshop with Botanicals Folklorica

Join us as Busy-Being presents an Herbal Honey Workshop with Botanicals Folklorica

Click here for more details and to sign up

Jan 31 2015 07:00PM
Busy-Being presents: "Poison Valley", an art exhibition by LAND

Busy-Being is excited to present a solo exhibition by the LAND boys; artist duo Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt for their first ever Los Angeles show. Alongside the exhibition will be a Texas Makers Market featuring goods by: Cobra Rock Boot Company / Fort Lonesome / Botanicals Folklorica / Ana Klausmann / Traveller Denim Co. / Mason McFee / Fortuna Monsoon / Marfa Brands / Miranda Bennett Studio / Folk Fibers / and PFAU

For more event details click here