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Victory Press Shreds America

En route to launch a Victory Press pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty, Jess and Jonathan drove across the country, visiting American factories and getting up close and personal with the country’s great outdoors. Check out the video made with the help of Nathan Caswell of their adventure from Brooklyn, NY to Space15Twenty!

Victory Press Shreds America from Victory Press on Vimeo.

Read Victory Press's full interview on the Urban Outfitters Blog Here.


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Space15Twenty | Victory Press Pop Up
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

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Clara Cakes Summer Yard Sale!

Join the most lovely Clara Cakes at her Summer Yard Sale!

Vintage clothing, cool records, fresh lemonade, radical art, fun zines and of course baked goodies, all for sale, this Sunday.

Shop while listening to tunes from DJ's Lady C & Cupcake Fan.

Sunday, July 20th 11am - 4pm


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1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd
LA, CA 90028

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Victory Press X Matt Lamkin

THANK YOU to everyone that came out to collage, last night at the Victory Press Pop Up Shop with host Matt Lamkin of The Soft Pack.

Creative minds + glue sticks + vintage magazines + scissors = the inspirational pieces below. . .


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Space15Twenty | Victory Press Pop Up
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

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New Reads: Cable #070413

Cable: A journal of American fact — personal archives of rare and previously unpublished street photography, iconic portraiture, exacting reproductions of out-of-print books and periodicals, album artwork, poster art, film stills and screen grabs, transcriptions, firsthand interviews, and ephemera radiating from these past 50 years of black culture and beyond.

Purchase Cable online or at Hennessey + Ingalls

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1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Agenda Trade Show: Long Beach

Agenda Trade Show is made up of street wear, action sports, lifestyle and fashion community members. Since 2003, Agenda has expanded from a satellite show with 30 brands to now having six shows in three different cities with over 1,000 brands. Buyers, brands, investors, distributors, and media come together at Agenda to build partnerships, participate in the community, and grow their businesses.

Last week, Agenda Trade show was in town at Long Beach. Here are some of the cool brands we checked out:

Mokuyobi Threads is carried in Without Walls. Shop here online.

My favorite rad piece was their meat travel duffel. Yup, meat.

Mowgli Surf is also carried in Without Walls. Shop here online.

Fun booth with bold designs and awesome watercolor illustrations!

Tiger Mist from Australia also had some fun and functional clothing pieces too.

My favorite was their fuzzy and stretchable sweater. A little bit of nostalgia when stretch shirts were all the range in the 90s.  

Shop their super cute dresses for a night out!

Moving on with more womenswear, Wildfox's booth was filled with summer goodies and in all different pastel shades for your girly needs.

Summer's here and the surf is up. With California roots, Seea carries your essentials for surfing in style!

Seea is also carried in Without Walls. Shop here online.

Kovey is also an Urban Outfitters favorite, showcasing their colorful one piece swimsuits.

Shop UO online to pick up their swimsuits.

Coalatree Organics
' booth was decorated from wall to wall with organics, including their clothing. Majority of their products are made from organic or recycled materials.

Inspiring a movement of sustainable life, Coalatree goes above and beyond to give each customer quality.

Thanks for having us Agenda! See you next year! To follow Agenda Trade Show to NYC and Las Vegas, check out their social links below.


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1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Maria DeGuzman

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What's Happening: Victory Press Presents... Collage Night with Matt Lamkin

Please join Victory Press at their Pop Up Shop at Space 15 Twenthy on Wednesday July 16th from 7-10 for an evening of collaging, hosted by artist Matt Lamkin of the Soft Pack.

The class will include a carefully curated selection of vintage magazine from the 60's, 70's, and 80's as well as a generous supply of beautiful papers, scissors and glue.  Space is limited, so grab your seat before the class fills up! 

rsvp to

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Spotlight: Ana Kraš

We first came across the Serbian born, NYC based artist Ana Kraš through her BonBon lamps.  Looking through her work we are inspired by Ana's undeniable eye for beauty in a subtle yet provocative way... very much like her and her personal aesthetic and style.

See Ana's works at

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Ana Kraš - Shy Gestures from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo

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New Reads: FOUR&SONS

Love them or hate them, a dog can be a man's best friend.

But honestly, who hates dogs?

People love dogs just as much as people are crazy over cats on the internet.

Four & Sons is a dog-centric magazine dedicated to bringing canine content mixed with art, design, fashion, music and lifestyle. With a strong editorial approach, it'll make you think of dogs differently.

Dogs are very special creatures that have been with us humans far longer than any other creature. Talk about a man's best friend.

Many artists find their dogs to be their own muse or animal spirit. Photographer Elliot Erwitt has shot many different subjects but finds comfort in working with children and animals. They're affectionate and playful...and they don't ask for prints.

Featuring Wet Dogs by French photographer, Sophie Gamand.

Bite on this, Azuma Makoto may be known as a florist and owner of JARDINS des FLUERS but his 3-D living sculptures made of plants, flowers, roots, and moss showcase his true artistic abilities. Experimenting with aquatic plants capes and LED lights, Azuma knows how to enhance his already impressive arrangements. His "Green Doghouse" makes me want one of my own!

For the first issue, Four & Sons does a great job keeping me interested with all sorts of dog related topics. I might be bias since I myself am a dog lover. But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Pick up the magazine at Hennessey + Ingalls or online.


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1520 North Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Maria DeGuzman

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New Reads: Ancestry Quarterly

"The inspiration for Ancestry Quarterly came about while living in New York’s Chinatown. We realized that we knew an immense amount of people who were living a sort of double life: so many holding down “day jobs” so they could pursue their own creative endeavors and dreams once the 9-to-5 ended. We sought to create a platform that would allow these artists to showcase their work and detail how creatives live today. We were not foreign to discovering that the spaces these people lived in were uniquely fascinating and it is our interest in the relationship between artist and space that launched Ancestry. It is a magazine that explores aesthetic spaces, but more importantly, it is a magazine exploring the people that inhabit these spaces.

It is our goal to inspire struggling artists, accomplished artists, and everyone striving and starving in between, by featuring those triumphs of the art world fueled by much drive and little money. By collaborating with artists and local businesses we are able to expand our communities–- and in a world growing ever-more insular through constant headphones and ever-present screens, we believe its pretty damn important. The art world is always evolving and Ancestry is a window into that world."

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What's Happening: Victory Press x Ours Gallery Pop-Up Opening Party

Victory Press x Ours Gallery  Summer Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

From June 6th - July 27th

Opening Party Saturday, June 14th 7-10 pm 

Tunes by Tony Accosta with special guests CHERYLL.

Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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Victory Press

Designer Jessica Humphrey and artist Jonathan Cammisa collaborate to create Victory Press, a collection of men's inner-city outdoors wear. Driven to fill a void in the outdoors market, Victory Press offers clothing with a modern approach that is also built to withstand the elements. Designed in Vinegar Hill, manufactured in New York City; the clothing is an homage to it’s environment. 

Drawing inspiration from post modern art, prints and silhouettes of 80s skate and surf culture and the functionality, integrity and ideology of 90s outdoors wear, VP’s debut collection includes color block feather wale corduroy buttons downs, pleated front denim trousers, batik print short sleeve shirts, graphic tees, cotton nylon utility jackets, camper hats and waterproof nylon anoraks.

Instagram: @victorypress

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Ours Gallery 

"At OURS- We recognize our audience is broader and more diverse than what current stereotypes and cliches might limit. Through a distinct cross-section of art, music, and thoughtful design, we hope to build something unique with its perspective clearly defined... something that can remain our own.

OURS- Is designed in the United States, and made here when applicable. Currently based in Los Angeles, we're constantly on the road shooting, drawing, surfing, and traveling alongside everyone who can't stand the thought of being stationary for too long. The passion for being active outdoors, accompanied with the ability to feel and look nice, is what drives OURS. - We hope that you enjoy."

"Don't worry, be mellow." - Ty Williams

Instagram: @oursgallery

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