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We recently stumbled upon a water-color artist on Instagram and now stalk her account daily! Her name is Jessica Weymouth (@jessweymouth_) and she lives in Long Beach, California. Her illustrations vary from plants, insects, shapes to moons. “Hand painted watercolor art pieces to promote healing, growth, love, and good vibes.” We dare you to check her stuff out and try not to fall in love. @jessweymouth_ @space15twenty #UOaroundyou



Images - Jessica Weymouth

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One of Instagram’s most popular tagged locations, "Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away" by  Yayoi Kusama is coming to LA!

Kusama is a Japanese born artist and writer. She is undeniably an influential figure in the New York art scene, and an important part of the avant-garde movement. Kusama works with a variety of media which showcase her love for colors, patterns and wild repetition. She is also known for her project in Australia, “The Obliteration Room”.  It was a huge white room at GOMA with white furniture, which people were invited to "obliterate" with rainbow-colored dot stickers.

We cannot wait for The Broad Museum’s inaugural exhibition on Sunday, September 20th. Make reservations online to see the “Infinity Mirrored Room” and share with us your photos! @space15twenty #UOonyou





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Sounds & Sketches: A homage to the 90's

Join us on Thursday August 13th as we go back to the 90's!
When a Jeep Wrangler was the "it" car and AS IF was the phrase of the decade.

Come dressed in your 1990's fashion and get ready to relive the best decade ever (Sorry 1980)

Sounds & Sketches: A Homage to the 90's

Art and Prints for sale by Randy Robledo

Hosted by comedian Jeb Acosta

Live Acoustic Perfomances by Leigh Wulff | Noni Sabriya | Jonathan Richards | Randy Robledo

Complimentary Cocktails Provided (21+)

FREE and open to all ages

.  .  .  .  .  .  . 

Thursday August 13th

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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Sounds & Sketches: A homage to the 90's

Hey there! Can you introduce yourself to everyone?

-My Name is Randy Robledo, and I am an Artist originally from Santa Barbara, Ca. currently residing in Los Angeles, Ca.

How long have you been drawing/painting?

-I have been drawing since I could remember. My father is an artist who really encouraged his children to express themselves in any artistic facet. I began taking art seriously around the age of 12. I began attending private art classes locally back in Santa Barbara and would also drive out to Los Angeles a couple times a week to attend a variety of art classes. Throughout high school I was also apart of a Visual Arts & Design Academy. Along with being the typical day dreamer in school while sketching over notes and homework, Art has really been a common thread throughout my life.

Continue reading below...


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Richie Velazquez otherwise known as Deladeso, is quickly becoming one of our favorite artist on Tumblr. His art is wild, colorful and fearless. Some of our favorite 90’s cartoons are often played with, as well as pop-culture icons and nostalgic objects. Often replicated, his digital creations are clearly inspiring the current art and design world. For more #digitaldeathandgrime, visit Deladeso’s blog.




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Near Palisades Park in Santa Monica there is a new installation by artist HOT TEA. Migration, is a beautiful rainbow of yarn. Strands connected to chain-link fences, that take you through the gradient fade of a rainbow. 1,800 strands of different colors, on top of the pedestrian bridge that takes you to the beach. We hope this unauthorized installation isn’t taken down any time soon, as it makes the way to the beach, an even more beautiful sight. We suggest you catch the rainbow while you can!


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John Foster is a design object artist based in Minneapolis, MN. He works with various materials such as quartz, acrylics, glass, gold, and glitter. He’s a wizard at creating substrates which are cut into multidimensional tiles that are then polished, and welded together to create dreamy objects. Our favorite is his hand-crafted interstellar-sparkle table (recently commissioned by producer and DJ; ZEDD). John describes his art as experimental. “The objects I make bring the viewer into the moment, with visceral gasps and heart skipping opulence. The colors are rich, the sunlit moments are priceless.” he say's. John draws inspiration for his art from his love of music, and constantly seeking patterns. “Sounds are some of the most beautiful shapes you can't see, but feel.” he say’s. Currently, John is working on accessory design in addition to his objects. A preview is live on his site. Below are some of our faves.



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Les Fleures du Japon

The body of work of French painter and interdisciplinary artist Johanna Tagada is intertwined with the notion of happiness and feelings of wellness. 
Tagada attempts for the viewers of her work to feel less anxious and more serene. In her paintings and through her entire practice, with the use of soft colours and shapes she hopes to relax her audience. The artist derives most of her inspiration from daily life and experiences. Her artworks, often semi autobiographical and related to feelings are described as poetic and delicate. To create a dialogue with the viewer is a position Johanna adopts in several of her works. 
Utrecht Now idea, Tokyo, July 2014, Tagada first initiates Épistolaire Imaginaire an installation piece, in which she invites visitors and friends to leave a written note of a simple moment of happiness in one of the pale pink notebooks she hand-made, as part of the installation. The audience is given the task to write (anonymously or not, in any language or form) a short memory of a moment of simple happiness. In exchange of this note, each participant can take home a folded letter written by Tagada herself. The letters are positive, encouraging, simple yet powerful. Though the time frame of the exhibitions the letters part of the installation decrease, just as flower petals taken away by a breeze. 

Épistolaire Imaginaire is thought as a travelling installation questioning simple happiness. 

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not-so-secret SPACE | ABBOT KINNEY


Abbot Kinney in Venice is a great place to go get lost. It is block after block of street art, eclectic shopping, and good ole' California vibes. You can find a good pair of cut-off shorts on a front yard, air plants sold from a renovated shipping container, and a psychic eager to tell you about the future. When the temperature rises you can cool off with a watermelon-raspberry lemonade, and hide inside a tiny house filled with Vinyl records. On Abbot Kinney, California is truly alive.




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New lifestyle and art blogger here. My name is Krystabell and together we will discover art, design, and all things rad. About me? Well, for starters - On any given day, my brain is basically a bowl of alphabet soup. I have too many notebooks, many to-do lists, I am a Virgo.


I can usually be found at a farmer’s market, an art show or eating somewhere in K-Town. Last year, we got this Laura Berger piece, it's still my favorite in our home.


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