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Reading is Fun: Mascots by Ray Fenwick

Based in Winnipeg, ace artist and illustrator Ray Fenwick made his authorial debut with 2008's tremendous Hall of Best Knowledge.  Written from the perspective of a precocious young eccentric, the book is a collection of laudably witty and ornately hand-lettered journal entries. 

Mascots, Fenwick's forthcoming follow-up, is similarly a series of episodes told through inventive typography and absurd yet hilarious text.  But integrating these elements with brightly colored paintings, the book depicts a more surreal, frenzied world that is strangely resonant with today's super speedy internet age.

will available in December.  Pre-order your copy here.

doily - 11.23.2010 File under - Art, Books


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Mar 1 2015 11:00AM
Sunday Flea Market hosted by Tuesday Bassen

Urban Outfitters recent Dreamer + Doers feature Tuesday Bassen is coming to Space15Twenty this Sunday for a very special flea market.

DIY button making workshop, illustrations, nail art and more!

Vendors include:

Penelope Gazin
Mokuyobi Threads
Tiny Splendor
Pizza Perfect Nails
Jordan Fu
Hannah Makes Lots of Things

Sunday March 1st
11AM - 4PM

DIY Button Making Workshop 12PM -2PM

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028