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Weekend Recap: Ready, Set, Sweat with Allie Cohen

If you missed out on Without Walls fun high intensity workout with Allie Cohen of Barry's Bootcamp on Saturday, then you missed out on some good sweaty fun.

Allie brought the fun and the pain, and not a dry shirt left that day.  Participants worked out, competed for Without Walls goods, a La Vie Boheme yoga mat, enjoyed nourishing drinks from Moon Juice and snacked on healthy snacks from Ips Chips and Epic Seed.


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Honey Making Workshop with Folklorica

Nothing improves health faster and more firmly than the regular use of nourishing herbal preparations.  In this hands-on workshop we will create a distinct herbal infusion through one of nature's most decadent medicines: honey.  Throughout history, the small honeybee, Apis mellifera, has been admired for it's miracle of ingenuity and its ability to provide one of the most noursishing foods for the human body and spirit.  Learn how the intergration of herbs and other powerful Earth allies in honey can be prepared as one of the most useful medicines.  Be inspired of the timeless tradition of medicine making, the art of beekeeping and the history and folklore of the incomparable honeybee.  In addition to the hands-on workshop, all attendees will leave with a booklet full of information discussed in the workshop as well as a collection of studies and ephemera focused on the essence and healing capacity of honey and Apis mellifera.

Tamara Becerra Valdez
Botanicals Folklorica
January 31st
11AM - 1:30PM
Workshop Cost: $40 (order here)

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Bicycle Coffee at Space15Twenty Sundays

Every Sunday get your morning fix with Bicycle Coffee.


1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles 90028

**Bicycle Coffee is set up on Ivar side of Space15Twenty**
instagram @bicyclecoffeela

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Feral Creature and Friends Closet Sale

Join us tomorrow Sunday Jan. 25th for another blogger closet sale extravaganza hosted by blogger Eugenie Grey.

Vendors include:

Jac Vanek
Juice Love
Honey & Silk
Stuff She Likes
Francis Lola
Roca Fox
Wicked Tides
My Belonging

January 25th

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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Ticket Giveaway: Brooke Fraser

**We have a winner, thank you!**

We're giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the Brooke Fraser show at the Fonda Theatre courtesy of our friends at Goldenvoice.

Email us with your name and your favorite Brooke Fraser song to to get a free pair of passes!
Winners will be picked on Monday Jan. 26th!

Good Luck!

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Champion x UO exclusive

Athletic brand Champion had partnered up with Capsule Show for an exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters.
The Champion Select collection features collaborations with designers Wood Wood, Timo Weiland and Craig Green.  The collection is available at our Activation Space located inside of Space15Twenty's Urban Outfitters.

“The collaboration brings to life a modern interpretation of the Champion brand as envisioned by three prominent independent fashion designers -- Timo Weiland from New York, Craig Green from London and Wood Wood from Copenhagen – each chosen for their unique design aesthetics. The Champion Select collection includes elevated, fashion-forward active wear looks for men and women utilizing heritage Champion fabrications and branding. Each of the designers began their process by visiting the Champion archives for inspiration, and selecting their favorite fabrications to use for their capsule collections.”

The Champion Select instillation will be open from January 23rd to March 9th


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Enrico Nagel

I recently came across the work of Enrico Nagel, a german artist and illustrator from Berlin. I hope you like them as much as I do! 

And make sure to check out his website for some more of his work.

. . .


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Meet Daedelus!

Los Angeles based producer Alfred Darlington, better known as Daedelus, has been taking the electronic music scene by storm since his first album release in 2001. Since then, he has released music on various labels, such as Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder; performed live sets big and small, from Low End in Los Angeles, to the depths of the jungles of Boracay, Philippines; and has recently invented his own music-making device. He is one of the most fascinating musicians – not just because of his Dandyist Victorian-era looks, but through his passionate outlook on the world of music, use of the monome in live performances, and inventive persona. Luckily, I was able to talk to him, in person, over a cup of joe at Go Get ‘Em Tiger.


Since we’re already in a coffee shop, how do you like your coffee? What’s your go-to shop?

Black or espresso. My favorite shops are Go Get Em Tiger, and G&B.


How did you choose the name Daedelus?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor. I liked the idea of making things; I had this fascination in my childhood. I had the knowledge of real people but was also intrigued by mythology. Later in life, I like to think that I’ve been able to fill those shoes. I try to be an inventor as much as I can.


How would you define your sound for those who have never heard your music?

A lot of sounds. I used to say my sound was romantic – sick in your stomach because you’re so overwhelmed with feelings. I can go from playing at a cheesy EDM rave, to playing at a wedding, or playing in a tiny room. It’s not so much that I’m changing, but the sound is changing. We expect people we put on pedestals to be amazing artists, but very few people get rewarded for trying new things. 


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Journey to antelope canyon

There are so many beautiful places to explore within the US.  From Muir Woods near San Francisco to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Some of these places are a simple car drive away or if you are traveling far, then a plane ride away.

We recently went on a road trip to Page Arizona to explore the mini grand canyon, Antelope Canyon.

A 10 hour drive that was somewhat painful and in some places lacked any radio signal, but left us with breath taking views of nature.  We took some photos along the way and we took some notes for those who want to visit this beautiful work of nature.


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Ready, Set, Sweat with Allie Cohen

Are you ready to get fit and have fun?
Are you scared of the commitment of a gym?  UO active wear brand Without Walls is hosting a FREE high intensity (yet fun) work out class led by Allie Cohen of Barry's Boot Camp!  Complimentary drinks by Moon Juice and snacks provided by Ips Chips on hand, giveaways and more!

Come enjoy a day of moving and having fun.

To rsvp sign up here or you can email us at

We want to see you get sweaty with us this Saturday!

Saturday January 24th
1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90028

Trainer Allie Cohen

(Moon Juice Photo by Garlic My Soul)

Follow on instagram:


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Jan 31 2015 11:00AM-01:30PM
Busy-Being presents: Herbal Honey Workshop with Botanicals Folklorica

Join us as Busy-Being presents an Herbal Honey Workshop with Botanicals Folklorica

Click here for more details and to sign up

Jan 31 2015 07:00PM
Busy-Being presents: "Poison Valley", an art exhibition by LAND

Busy-Being is excited to present a solo exhibition by the LAND boys; artist duo Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt for their first ever Los Angeles show. Alongside the exhibition will be a Texas Makers Market featuring goods by: Cobra Rock Boot Company / Fort Lonesome / Botanicals Folklorica / Ana Klausmann / Traveller Denim Co. / Mason McFee / Fortuna Monsoon / Marfa Brands / Miranda Bennett Studio / Folk Fibers / and PFAU

For more event details click here